Education Makes a Difference

Ongoing professional development is an important component of any technical field. The Kentucky General Assembly and the Department for Environmental Protection recognized this by requiring all wastewater and drinking water operators to acquire continuing education in order to maintain their certification.

If you haven’t been to an Operator Certification Program (OCP) training recently, you will be surprised by the amount of improvements we have made to our classes. We are particularly excited about our revised certification schools. After nearly two years of hard work, we have completed new training manuals and redesigned our presentations to make sure they clearly cover all of the topics included in our revised exams. These classes will also equip you with the key knowledge you need to perform your operational duties.

These classes are proven to improve test scores. Our statistics show that operators that attend an OCP certification school are significantly more likely to achieve a higher score on their exam. In fact, individuals that don’t attend a certification school, typically fail the higher level exams. 

In addition to providing continuing education credits for certification school attendance, OCP also provides one and two-day continuing education classes that cover topics most important to operators. We like the flexibility that these classes provide us so we can spend time on the topics that matter to you. If there is a topic that you want help in or want us to cover in class, let us know. It may show up on our training schedule.

We want all of our operators to benefit from training. Because our training has produced significant performance improvements in the wastewater and drinking water fields, the Division is in the process of applying for federal grants so it can begin offering continuing education training to solid waste operators so they can benefit from this opportunity as well.

OCP offers classes in locations across the state to keep your training costs low and reduce your travel time. The Division of Compliance Assistance’s Operator Compliance Assistance Program also offers an extensive schedule of training opportunities designed to help improve the performance of Kentucky’s environmental professionals.

A list of upcoming compliance assistance trainings can be found at Trainings offered by OCP that are specifically designed for wastewater and drinking water operators are listed in our 2012 Training Schedule, which is also available on the website. This schedule contains a list of all certification schools and exam events that will be held in 2012.  In addition, it includes the scheduled continuing education courses for January through April.

Signing up for our classes is easy! Certified operators can register for a continuing education course or certification school by using E-Search. If you also want to take an exam, then we ask you to sign up for the class and exam at the same time using E-Forms.  It is important that you use the E-Forms when signing up for an exam. If you have any questions about signing up for a class or a certification exam, call us at 800-926-8111.

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