Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Solid waste—we all have it, make it and don’t want to deal with it. The general consensus is “out of sight, out of mind.” But solid waste is something we must address and something the Division of Compliance Assistance staff deals with on a daily basis. But you may ask, “How does solid waste factor into the Certification and Licensing Branch picture?”

The Certification and Licensing Branch within the Division of Compliance Assistance accepted the Solid Waste Certification Program administration in January 2011. This involves the licensing of landfill, landfarm and compost operators. The regulations have charged departmental staff with ensuring that these professionals are qualified, trained and tested for competency in their work to protect the environment from our never-ending stream of trash.

The 2012 training and testing schedule is finalized for the Solid Waste Certification Program and can be accessed at division’s website. Information about this program and tools for solid waste operators are also available.

If you need additional information about becoming a certified solid waste operator in landfill, landfarm or compost operations, please check out the updated web pages or call the Division of Compliance Assistance, Certification and Licensing Branch at 800-926-8111 and ask to speak to Lisa Butler or Julia Kays.

Thank you to all of the dedicated operators that perform their job duties daily in order to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the environment of the state we love so much.

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