Make Your Training Money Count

Have you ever attended training or a conference and felt that it should be available for you and other operators to use for continuing education credit? Did you know you can request continuing education credit for training related to water treatment, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment and wastewater collection system operations that you attend?

The process isn’t automatic. Either you, as an operator, or the organization that provides the training must submit an application to the Division of Compliance Assistance, Certification and Licensing Branch. Then the agency and the Kentucky Board of Certification of Wastewater System Operators and/or the Kentucky Board of Certification of Water Treatment and Distribution System Operators will review the application. The boards and agency will review the course and make a determination about whether the training meets the regulatory requirements for continuing education and consists of approved core content. If so, the course may be approved for continuing education training. The approved core content lists can be found on our web page, “How Do I Get Training Approved?” There is also a link to download the “Application for Approval of Courses for Continuing Education Credit” on this page.

One word of caution: not every training request is approved for continuing education. The branch recommends that trainings be approved before operators begin shelling out money and investing time in a class. This isn’t to say that the courses are not valuable. However, we want to be sure you understand that courses must meet certain criteria before they can be used to fulfill the requirements for operator certification continuing education. To ensure that your training will “count” toward the continuing education requirements for your water or wastewater certification license, the branch advises that you have the training approved before you attend. That way there won’t be any surprises.

The certification boards meet monthly and review the requests for approval of training at every meeting. It is recommended that you submit your applications for Approval of Courses for Continuing Education Credit at least 30 days prior to the next regularly scheduled board meeting. Requests received less than one week prior to the board meeting will not added to that month’s agenda and will be placed on the board agenda for the next scheduled board meeting. The schedule of board meetings is available on the branch’s web site.

If in doubt – check it out. Questions related to the approval of courses for continuing education may be directed to

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