Need Practice for Operator Certification Exams?

The Operator Certification and Licensing Branch’s primary objective is to help make you a better operator. To help prepare you for exams and exercise your skills, we will be using Operation Matters to present example test questions and show the correct answers worked out in full.

The format for these types of posts will remain very similar to previous posts. We will present a situation with explanation and background on why the math problems are relevant for operators. Following this text will be an example problem, worked out completely. We will then post another blog entry entitled “Test Your Knowledge.” This post will present additional practice problems relevant to the most recent post. Although the answers will not be posted on the blog, we will provide you with a link to the correct answer, completely worked out from beginning to end.

Unique to these types of posts will also be the ability to comment. This forum will allow operators and DCA employees to communicate with each other and discuss the math problems. Feel free to comment on the post with your answer to the problem and tips on how you worked it. We also welcome suggestions or requests for future math problems that we can feature.

We hope this tool will aid you in preparing for certification exams, as well as staying up to date on concepts used daily by operators. Look for our first math related blog post tomorrow!

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