Kentucky NetDMR is Live for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants!

Recently, I attended a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conference where EPA staff from the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance discussed their priority functions in the coming year. Two of those priorities were related to increasing transparency of EPA data and increasing the use of web-based technology for efficiency gains, both by the EPA and regulated entities. A great example of how this has transferred to Kentucky is the launch of NetDMR and the ability of permit holders to submit data electronically.

 If you are a KPDES permit holder, you should be familiar with your Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR). Recently, Kentucky became fully deployed for use of NetDMR. The NetDMR tool enables permittees to complete their DMRs via a secure Internet connection. While NetDMR is not mandatory at this time, the Division of Water is encouraging permit holders to become familiar with the software through a test site and once comfortable to begin submitting DMRs electronically through the production site. Once permittees sign up for NetDMR and begin submitting through the production site, they will no longer receive paper copies of their DMRs. To sign up for a test account and get comfortable with NetDMR, visit and select the following:

  • Regulatory Authority – Test site (KY DEP); Production site (Kentucky DEP)
  • Type of User (This is extremely important.):
    • Permittee User – This is for facilities; permittee users can enter, edit, view, sign and submit DMR data. If you are NOT a laboratory, then you ARE a permittee user.
    • Data Provider – This is for laboratories only; data providers can enter DMR data, but cannot sign or submit DMRs.
    • Internal User – This is for state personnel only, so please do not use it.

The EPA will be hosting training in June, and details are located at

Once the permittee is ready to begin submitting official DMRs electronically, visit to create an account. Remember, once you begin using NetDMR, you will no longer receive paper DMR copies.

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