Recent Solid Waste Certification Schools

Spring has come and gone. School is out, and the Certification and Licensing Branch recently completed the solid waste certification schools and testing events for 2012. We would like to congratulate all of the operators who work so hard to keep the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s environment safe and beautiful for the rest of us.

In order to become certified in one of the solid waste disciplines, operators must meet minimum education and experience requirements, attend cabinet-provided training and pass the appropriate certification exam. To become recertified or to renew a solid waste certification, operators must attend the cabinet-provided training and pass the appropriate certification exam every five years. This year, classes were held in April and May for landfill, landfarm and compost operators and landfill managers. We are glad to report that the classes had a combined pass rate of 94 percent.

While in class, the candidates studied subjects ranging from the history of the solid waste program in Kentucky to monitoring and recordkeeping requirements for the facility they operate. Kentucky Administrative Regulations list the required topics of instruction in 401 KAR 45:090 and 47:070.  Instructors from the Kentucky Division of Waste Management and the Division of Compliance Assistance worked in tandem to teach and update the applicants.

If individuals have questions regarding the solid waste certification program, they may contact Lisa Butler at 502-564-6716, ext. 3317 or Julia Kays at extension 3652.  Questions regarding permitting, reporting or other facility-related topics can be addressed by contacting the Kentucky Division of Waste Management, Solid Waste Branch, at 502-564-6717.

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