Trenchless Technologies- Pipe Bursting and Sliplining

Although a lot of companies in Kentucky do not offer Trenchless Technology, it has a lot of benefits that municipalities can take advantage of. Not having to tear up and replace infrastructure, disrupting traffic, creating eyesores for residents, as well as worker safety—all are benefits that trenchless technology brings. A growing number of utilities are using trenchless technologies to speed up the relining and retrofitting process and reduce disruption of business and neighborhood traffic. There is also the emergence of new pipe technologies that can cause minimal disruption to residents and business activity. When these remote-controlled robots bore out and reline the pipes, it minimizes the inconvenience for area residents.  Some people have mistaken the operators controlling the robots with goofing off on the job. Sometimes it is not clear to residents how important the remote-controlled work really is.

As municipalities also transition to plastic pipe, trenchless technologies can become more prevalent. In the pipe bursting process, a PVC pipe is attached to the back of an expander head. Then the expander head breaks the old pipe and replaces it immediately. The old pipe does not have to be removed from the ground, which saves time, disposal fees and clean-up time.

In the sliplining method, a smaller pipe is placed inside the larger damaged pipe. Another great asset of trenchless technologies is that you can get a monolithic length of PVC pipe that greatly decreases water loss in both distribution and sewer collection systems. Municipalities like the idea of less disruption in the communities, coupled with not having to dig in tough terrain. This is especially significant here in Kentucky where hills and rocks are prevalent. With a lot of these methods being more cost-efficient than dig-and-replace methods, as well as a better end product and longer design life in some cases, the dig-and-replace methods could soon fade. This will all come down to matching your situation to the available technology.

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