Available Compliance Assistance Services

Living in Kentucky, the majority of us are aware of the financial constraints and adversities we face in developing innovative ways to keep many of our drinking water and wastewater facilities in compliance. So, we would like to notify our readers about some of the services offered to facilities that may be in need of assistance in many different areas of environmental compliance.

The Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) has the Environmental Compliance Assistance Program whose primary objective is to help regulated entities understand and comply with the environmental programs administered by the Department for Environmental Protection. The division especially wishes to assist small businesses and communities that often do not have the financial resources necessary to hire full-time environmental employees. They maintain a toll-free compliance assistance hotline (800-926-8111) that serves as an advocate for the compliance needs of regulated entities, particularly for small businesses and communities.

The Division of Water (DOW) has six employees on staff dedicated to providing compliance and technical assistance to drinking water systems.  They can assist with treatment and distribution problems that may lead to noncompliance, such as turbidity removal, disinfection by-product control and chlorine residual maintenance, as well as trouble-shoot sampling and testing issues.  This group also coordinates the Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP), a voluntary program that provides systems with the tools to improve treatment and distribution beyond the regulatory requirements, assuring that their customers receive safer water.  You can contact the Division of Water hotline at 502-564-2380 or 1-800-928-2380.

The Kentucky Rural Water Association’s (KRWA) Water and Wastewater Services utilize cutting-edge technology to provide practical infrastructure management solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of small and rural communities in Kentucky. By using available technology, KRWA technicians collect and analyze both water and wastewater features and defects more efficiently and in ways that lead to better solutions for repair and maintenance of these systems. You can visit krwa.org for a list of all their services or contact the office directly at 270-843-2291.

Another resource available is the National Environmental Service Center (NESC). In June of this year, the U.S. Dept of Agriculture’s Rural Development Utilities Service awarded the National Drinking Water Clearinghouse and NESC an $800,000 grant to continue offering free and inexpensive support to small and rural areas across the United States. The National Drinking Water Clearinghouse is based at West Virginia University and is entering its 21st year. The National Drinking Water Clearinghouse offers a technical hotline that gives assistance using its staff of engineers, water system operators and drinking water specialist on subjects ranging from conservation issues and natural wells to water treatment plant operation and best management practices. Local municipalities can contact the technical hotline 800-624-8301 directly for information. For more information about the range of services, please visit the website at http://www.nesc.wvu.edu/index.cfm.

These are just a few of the invaluable resources available for the operators in our state. Creating a dialogue with people who may have had or dealt with similar issues at different facilities could provide you with information on techniques for solving some of the issues you may be experiencing. If you are in need of compliance assistance services, we encourage you to contact the listed resources directly as service areas may differ, facility size may be a factor and fees may apply. This is not a comprehensive list of providers. If you are a provider and are interested in sharing your information with us, we would be happy to share it with our readers.

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