Math Tools for Water and Wastewater Operators

In an earlier post, we mentioned that in the fields of wastewater, drinking water and solid waste treatment, there are many operators who use mathematics or its principles on a daily basis. Mathematical calculations can be challenging and routinely becomes public enemy number one for some operators.

Our program is always keeping an eye out for information or resources that we can share with our operators. We recently came across a couple of articles pertaining to math tools that we wanted to share with you. In May 2012, posted an article on their blog pertaining to calculation tools for water and wastewater operators.  The tools were provided by the Pennsylvania DEP.  Since the original article posted, the Missouri Rural Water Association (MRWA) released two more applications for Apple and Android phones.  On August 13th, posted a follow-up article that included more math tools for small systems and links to the MRWA suite of online calculators.  These helpful tools include Smartphone Applications you can download and other interactive tools to help verify that your math calculations are correct. 

We hope you find these tools helpful and appreciate the information provided by, Pennsylvania DEP and MRWA.

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