Know Who You’re Talking To

It has been brought to our attention that someone impersonating a Division of Water field inspector has contacted a facility implying that systems in the area were going to consolidate and operators would be out of a job.

We want to make water, wastewater and solid waste facilities aware that Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) staff would not contact a facility without properly indentifying themselves.  If the person is meeting with you face-to-face, ask for identification.  All department staff is issued credentials that they can produce to validate their employment.  If you receive a phone call from someone identifying themselves as an employee or representative of the Department for Environmental Protection or one of its divisions, ask for the caller’s name.  Even if the caller gives you a name of someone from the agency that you recognize, if the information they provide concerns you in any way, contact the central office in Frankfort at 800-926-8111 or the local Regional Office.  If it is after-hours, you can call the environmental emergency hotline (800-928-2380).

Only under emergency situations would DEP staff tell a water system to change chemicals, stop treating water or perform other operations; and DEP staff would not discuss removing an operator from his or her position.

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