DCA Annual Report Released

It’s that time of year again at DCA––annual report time! We have recently released our annual report for fiscal year 2012, and in it, we discuss many topics that we believe will interest you.

Under the Certifying Professionals section of the report, we discuss the progress of many aspects of the Operator Certification Program. Specific things you will find in the report include statistics on the application process and number of applications received and approved, information on the various boards we support, statistics about certifications and renewals, information about our trainings, how Operation Matters has progressed since its debut and of course, a page dedicated to the memory of our friend, Steve Crosman.

At the end of the report, you will find our dashboard, which is a culmination of graphs that help to illustrate the progress of our Operator Certification Program (OCP). There you will find the distribution of drinking water, wastewater and solid waste operators in Kentucky; statistics about our trainings including locations, number of attendees and attendee satisfaction; statistics about current and upgraded licenses and pass-fail rates and much more.

We hope that this report will help to provide insight into all the aspects of OCP and the progress it has made. To access the annual report, you can go to DCA’s home page and click on Annual Report under Quick Links or by clicking here.

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