Wastewater Technology Revolution

New techniques and alternative treatment schemes for wastewater technologies have recently become very popular. In fact, there has been a 30 percent increase in the amount of research being done on new technology in recent years. So what can we attribute this change to and who is responsible for making the push towards newer technology?

According to the article Wastewater 2.0: The Age of Innovation by Kevin Westerling, we can thank forward-thinking pioneers and early adopters committed to radical change. We can attribute the need for improved and advanced technology to government regulations, community regulations and a shrinking budget demanding improved performance. The older methods of treatment have become so outdated that they cannot keep up with the increasing demand for more water and at a faster pace.

Many cities across the U.S. are doing things to update their technology. Boston, for instance, has over 30 start-up companies and hosted the inaugural Symposium on Water Innovation in Massachusetts to discuss getting their region to become global innovators in the water industry. San Francisco, Central Valley and Washington, D.C. are other cities trying to kick-start the technology revolution.To check out this article and see what other cities around the U.S. are doing to improve their technologies, check out Wastewater 2.0: The Age of Innovation.

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