Treatment Techniques Continuing Education Class

On Dec. 4 and 5, DCA will host a treatment techniques class at Barren River State Resort Park. This continuing education class will cover various wastewater topics that will affect most wastewater operators in Kentucky. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Class A biosolids production
  • chemical injection equipment
  • tank maintenance
  • removing phosphorus without new infrastructure
  • jar testing
  • chemistries for wastewater process control,
  • the importance of SCADA and system control
  • sludge dewatering
  • how weir maintenance affects treatment
  • phosphorus removal and solids control

In addition, several vendors will be present with information about equipment, various processes, technological information and other services that may be of interest to people in the wastewater community. This class will feature a panel of speakers with different experiences and backgrounds. The vendors will have Vendor Speed Dating and displays available during break and after class. This will be a good time to learn about new technology and equipment and how wastewater treatment techniques can help your facility stay in the loop on compliance. Some of the speakers that will be attending the training are listed below.  To learn more about this class or to sign up for it, click here.

Name: Melissa Gill-Scharbrough

Melissa Gill-Scharbrough has been in the wastewater industry for the past 15 years.  She has worked in sales and project management for the Ford Hall Company, Inc.  They specialize in algae and debris control for clarifiers by manufacturing the Weir-Wolf Cleaning System. Melissa lives Lexington with her husband and seven-year-old son. She is originally from Charleston, West Va., and attended Marshall University. 

Name: Bryan Holt

Bryan has been involved in distribution and fabrication of corrosion-resistant industrial plastics and accessories since beginning his career in the mid 70s. His duties have spanned all aspects from clerical work to floor sweeping, delivery work, purchasing and sales.  By the mid 80s, Bryan was quickly becoming the go-to guy for technical questions that arose and became involved in the design stage of many projects involving hydraulic piping designs, fume exhaust, pump selection and more. Notable projects include a fume exhaust system with an automated interior wash-down system to prevent acid salts buildup and a PVDF plating tank liner that saved the owner the cost of removing and relining the tank every year. The past few years, he has been involved with chemical feed, chemical tanks, applications for industrial plastics, and recently, a chemical feed skids project for the Barkley Lake Utility District WTP.

Name: Scott Heibel

Scott graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been working with Kruger since 2007. Scott started out as a field engineer working on pilot studies and assisting with plant start-ups.  He is now a regional sales engineer covering Kruger’s biological products, including oxidation ditches, biologically aerated filters and MBBR and IFAS systems.

Name: Gary Lubin

Gary Lubin represents Manufacturer’s representatives in Ky., Ind. and Ohio, who are focused on municipal, industrial and utility environmental protection markets. They provide least risk, lowest total cost “green” solutions with small carbon footprints by using cost-effective engineered process equipment for the production of pure, clean, potable water and the collection, transmission, treatment and disposal of water and wastewater and their chemical and biosolids residuals complete with follow up training and service

Martha J.M. Wells Ph.D.

Martha has practiced chemistry for 31 years in professional research, teaching, and administrative positions in the federal government, industry and academia.  Currently, Wells is retired as professor of Chemistry at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tenn. She is sole proprietor of EnviroChem Services.

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