The Power of Poo

As a wastewater operator, you may be aware of anaerobic digestion and how useful the biogas produced can be, but now biogas has teamed up with the technology sector. In a recent article, Microsoft will power one of its data centers from biogas using a fuel cell. This is just one example of how biogases-to-energy projects are becoming mainstream. With a growing demand for “green energy,” DCA’s operator certification program (OCP) and compliance assistance program (ECAP) have also seen a rebirth of anaerobic digestion processes and interest in developing or renewing those processes in hopes of harnessing the power of the biogas.  In the past, OCP and ECAP have teamed up to provide training on anaerobic digestion as an alternative energy source. If you are interested in this type of training again, please let us know by filling out this short survey.

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