Septic Systems – Resources for Homeowners

In a recent article in, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched its SepticSmart Program to educate homeowners on how a septic system works. Septic systems are small-scale sewage treatment systems used to treat wastewater from household plumbing produced by bathrooms, kitchen drains and laundry.  Failure to properly maintain a septic system could result in costly repairs and harm to the environment.

Given Kentucky’s diverse soil types and geography, septic systems can face several challenges. Kentucky’s rural areas find it difficult to tie into larger wastewater treatment systems; and soil conditions and landscapes can make traditional septic systems unfeasible. All of this makes for a regulatory and operational nightmare. Improperly operating septic systems can contribute to groundwater and surface water pollution. One of the top pollutants in Kentucky’s waterways is pathogens and can affect the degree of impairment of a water body.

The EPA’s SepticSmart initiative is a nation-wide public education effort that aims to inform homeowners living on properties serviced by septic systems on the importance of properly maintaining their septic system and provide valuable resources to help homeowners make important decisions regarding their wastewater management needs.

For more information about this program and to view the resources available to homeowners, visit the SepticSmart Home Page.

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