Direct Potable Reuse

As a society, we have a perception of where our drinking water comes from. But when a city faces a critical drought that has lessened its water supply by almost 50 percent, all of those perceptions may fall to the wayside.

In one small Texas town, they have had to resort to drastic measures to obtain drinking water due to a drought that has left their reservoir at 50 percent capacity. The city, Brownwood, may soon share something in common with the nation of Namibia – where they obtain their drinking water. But according to an article by David Barer, this process is not that uncommon. It’s that people have a conception of where they think the water comes from and not where it actually originates.

In the future, this is not going to be all that exceptional. The water discharged from wastewater treatment is, in most cases, lower in pollutants than the water it is being discharged into, therefore easier and less expensive to treat. If you would like to learn more about this process, click here.

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