Sequencing Batch Reactor for Nitrogen and Phosphorous Removal

Over the next couple of years, more and more wastewater operators in Kentucky will have to begin adhering to the Phosphorus standards handed down by the EPA. With these standards coming and the nitrogen standards already in place, most facilities will be looking for other methods to reduce these levels in their effluent.

Florida has one of the most stringent effluent requirements in the nation due to its extremely vulnerable ecosystems and wetland environments.  The state also depends on tourism as its biggest state asset, and damaging any of its beautiful beaches could cause even more strain on its very delicate economy. A company from Illinois is introducing online case studies that emphasize the importance of selecting a wastewater treatment system to properly suit the requirements for each facility. The video below discusses the treatment techniques that a facility right outside the Florida Keys uses for nutrient removal.

This video is just the beginning of a series of treatment technologies case studies that Waterworld is introducing. We will share more information as it becomes available on how facilities like yours are successfully meeting their permit limits.

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