Wisely Choosing Continuing Education Courses

To save time and expense, it’s important that water professionals choose continuing education courses carefully. 

Since coming to Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA), it has been a goal of mine to offer classes that are relevant, appropriate and interesting. Many of the classes offered today are the result of feedback we have received from evaluation forms. 

Wisely Choosing Continuing Education Courses

If outside factors are driving the decision on which class to attend – like if it’s a good time to be away from the plant, class location, the cost of lodging and meals — then you may not be getting the continuing education that you need.

Because each facility is different, the educational needs of each operator are different. Some may need to look for a comprehensive approach, while others may need specific training. For some operators, attending certification school may be best because of the broad coverage of the training. Others may feel that Optimizing Filtration, Package Treatment Plants or Biology and Lab with the use of microscopes might be the best selection. Whatever the case may be, it is always best to attend a class that will help you with operations, management and treatment at your own facility. This is your career development taking place, and you should take advantage of it.

Why blog about continuing education choices? The reason is to allow operators to reflect on the importance of continuing education and how to use it as a tool to improve the quality of their knowledge, performance and career development and assist in their earning potential.

The big question to ask is this…..is it worth the extra few bucks to travel to attend a class that you will learn from, appreciate and be able to apply the knowledge to your everyday tasks or not? So the challenge is for operators to take beneficial continuing education classes that will meet the needs of your facility.

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