Package Treatment Plants

Time and again when I read the evaluations from a continuing education class or from a certification school, I see more and more comments about operating package treatment plants. Operators want more information and training on these types of systems. Usually twice a year we offer courses directed toward package treatment plants. With the availability of the Internet, you would think that information would be easily accessible. As I thought about this blog, I wanted to add links to specific package treatment plants. To my surprise, I did not find a great deal of information readily available online. Although new technology has been implemented over the course of the years, package treatment plant models, treatment techniques and treatment processes have stayed relatively consistent. Some new equipment, such as VFDs, the emergence of UV disinfection and higher quality tanks, has surfaced, but there has not been an updated EPA manual on package plants since 1977. The following link is to that manual.

Having the proper reference material could mean the difference between compliance and noncompliance.  A fact sheet was produced in 2000, which is a good resource to have if you are operating a package treatment plant. It would be worth the time to read both the manual and the EPA fact sheet and use them as references when issues arise at your package plant.

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