Drinking Water Treatment Math – Pounds Formula

The pounds formula is an important formula in the operator community. This formula can be used to determine the number of lbs, concentration, flow or percent purity. The following problem will challenge you in all of these areas. Remember to read the problem at least twice carefully and think it through before you start writing things down or punching numbers into the calculator.

How many pounds of chlorine will be needed to disinfect a new 10-inch PVC pipe that is 2.2 miles long? The chlorine comes from 75% available calcium hypochlorite.

Lbs = ppm x 8.34 x MG

                % purity

401 KAR 8:150 Section 4( 1)( b) states that to disinfect a new line a chlorine residual of at least 50 PPM with at least a 25 ppm at the end of 24 hours must be used.

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