Giving Out of Sight, Out of Mind a New Meaning

As trainers, we always talk about as-built plans, updating maps and the importance of knowing where all facets of your collection system are located. The following story is a prime example of why knowing is better than not knowing. When you have major issues in the system, it is imperative to know what type of obstacles you will be facing. As most municipalities don’t have unlimited resources or unlimited manpower, time and money oftentimes are crucial factors in the problem-solving process. In the article below, the difference in what was perceived and what actually was is astounding. In a system with limited resources, this project could have turned into a nightmare simply because the wrong type of company, wrong type of equipment and the wrong type of materials could have been solicited and purchased. The project could have gone beyond the scope of what the municipality could handle had they been conducting the project themselves. Although this happened in an area where the customer was responsible for the infrastructure, a similar situation of the municipalities’ responsibility could have seriously compromised customer service. Several lessons could be taken from this article.

  1. Know your system and what operation principles work.
  2. Plan and have a back-up plan.
  3. Be familiar with all solutions that are available to you for a particular problem.
  4. Be flexible when going into a repair or rehab situation because sometimes you get something different than what you expect.
  5. Use the technology that is available to get the best results.

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