There’s an App for That! – Apps for Water and Wastewater Professionals

Anyone who has ever attended one of my classes knows how much I like technology. I admit, I may depend on my iPhone a little too much sometimes, but if these tools are in our workplace, we might as well make them useful. recently released an article on ‘10 Apps for Water and Wastewater Professionals’. While most of these apps are free, the prices vary from $0.99 to $4.99. These apps make it easier to do everything from calculating chemical dosages to installing the right size sewage pipes. Take some time to read the article and look over the apps listed. You might find an app that could be very handy and save you time, as well.

There will always be some people who aren’t big on technology, but remember, it is out there and available for your use. Try to help the profession by moving forward.

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