DOW Annual Compliance Report on Drinking Water Systems is Now Available

The Kentucky Division of Water’s (DOW) latest Annual Compliance Report on the drinking water systems in the Commonwealth is available and indicates that the number of health-based violations continues to remain low.

That’s great news for citizens and shows that drinking water operators are diligent in their efforts to provide safe drinking water. Operators are trained and licensed by the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance’s (DCA) Certification and Licensing Branch.

“Water utilities’ staff have been taking greater advantage of training provided by DCA’s Certification and Licensing Branch to become better trained in both management and water treatment topics,” says Julie Roney, coordinator of the DOW Drinking Water Program.  

As required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, this report lists Kentucky’s 450 public water systems and any violations imposed in the previous calendar year. These systems include cities, water districts, manufactured housing communities, schools, parks and campgrounds.

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