Daily Office Compost

It’s always great to have a blog topic that many find relevant. Most people have a few cups of coffee to start their day. As we finish each pot of coffee and look forward to the next day or get ready to make the next pot of coffee the following morning, what should we do with the leftover grounds? That’s a good question. I had actually started collecting coffee grounds for composting, but did not know what direction I was going to go with it.

1 UntitledCoffee grounds are a good substance to mix with carbon rich or brown compost materials, such as paper or dried leaves. So throwing them in a compost pile is an idea that works, especially since you could just toss the entire filter in and call it a day. After receiving some bio-bags, I had started separating the grounds to experiment and see the result. In the meantime, I ran across an article stating that the grounds alone make a good fertilizer because they are rich in pH and nitrogen. Also, they help with retaining water as they quickly work themselves into the soil. So, they can be directly added to houseplants as well as garden plants. My roses are now fertilized by used coffee grounds. I am encouraging each of you to reuse those grounds in your own flowers and gardens and for other fertilizing needs. Depending on how much 2 Untitledcoffee you drink and how many grounds you use, you could end up with a lot of fertilizer. This is another way to keep things out of the solid waste landfill that actually has another beneficial use. For more detailed information, you can go to the following articles for maximum usage of composted coffee grounds.



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