Thinking Outside of the Box

Some water utilities can be very creativeUntitled1 in their placement and construction of buildings. Now some people might think the next few buildings are taking it too far, but it all depends on the demands and needs of the area.

I first saw the following video on Facebook and was glad to see the water industry receiving positive media attention.

Not every system resorts to these measures to preserve the beauty of the surroundings, but if blending water infrastructure in with its surroundings can minimize area citizens’ complaints, it is worth the effort.

Untitled2There have been some very creative water storage tank designs. Some blend in so well you would not know they are storage tanks. Below are pictures of tanks that were designed to blend into the area. Some can be really interesting and become landmarks, as well as tourist attractions for the town. Not every municipality can afford this creative type of structuring due to budget restraints, but any chance that new infrastructure can blend with the local community is a good thing.


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