Trenchless Technologies in Kentucky

A week ago as I was headed to work, I saw a crew doing sewer repair. As usual, I looked to see if I knew any of the operators or personnel at the site. As I glared over at the trucks parked at the site, I noticed it was a trenchless company as opposed to our local operators. I rolled down the window and asked one of the workers if they were doing CIPP, Fold and Form or Slip lining. The look on his face was absolutely priceless. What I read from it is that this guy is either crazy, a big nerd, works in this field or all three. After getting over the shock of the question, he said, “CIPP.” I then went on to explain my job function, and he was more comfortable with the conversation. After a couple of minutes of chatting about some particulars of the project, the light changed and I went on to the office. The feeling that I got was yes, trenchless is really truly available in Kentucky!

Now the next phase is for more municipalities to use it and be trained and certified to install it. A municipality or two have already certified some workers. I have read some articles that show how trenchless work can not only pay off with water loss and leaks, but also by doing it in-house save a lot of money in construction and other areas. One article stood out because of the aggressive proactive approach that the manager has toward rehabilitation.

In a time when so many in the industry have excuses for why they are not making repairs, doing rehabilitation or upgrading their system, it’s refreshing to see proactive people in the industry, demonstrating that it can be done and it’s not an unreachable task as some claim.

Coming up with a plan and implementing it should be considered going forward by everyone. A large majority of our systems are in dire need of repairs. Trenchless technologies require less interruption of traffic, eliminate the need for excessive digging and also free personnel to perform preventive maintenance and system upkeep, as opposed to chasing and fixing leaks and other cumbersome reactive measures. Do the research and see which trenchless solution works best for your system; it may open doors that you didn’t think were possible. For more information, webinars are available.

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