Preparing for the Certification Exam

Over the years that I’ve been at DCA, one constant remains with the majority of operators facing certification exams…FEAR. I will attempt to curb some of the uneasiness and lack of preparation for those who are gearing up to take these tests. There is no substitute for preparation and hard work.

I would like to expel some of the myths floating around.

  1. I will be able to show up on Tuesday, go to class, not study and pass the test.
  2. The class I test is 50 questions with three math problems.
  3. I can pass without reading the manual.
  4. The test breakdown will guarantee that I pass next time because it tells me what chapters the questions that I missed are from.
  5. Class I’s do not need to know as much about operations as Class IVs.

Now what I want to do is give you some study and test preparation tips.

  1. Utilize the study materials on our website.
  2. Study a couple of months in advance for the exam. The more familiar that you are with the material, the better off you will be.
  3. Read the manual a couple of times. The tests come from the manuals.
  4. Get familiar with the formula sheets and practice the math problems.
  5. Ask questions in class on material you don’t understand.
  6. Attend the study sessions and use them to get more familiar with the material.
  7. Don’t look for shortcuts or methods to avoid studying and preparation.
  8. Be well rested for test day since fatigue affects performance.

Hopefully, this will serve as a guide to help with testing success. The rest is up to each of you individually to master the content.

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