Continuing Education Opportunity – Groundwater

On Sept. 23 -25, 2014, the Division of Compliance Assistance is offering a three-day groundwater certification school at the DEP Training Center. This three-day, continuing education class will cover various topics that will affect groundwater operators in Kentucky. Topics to be discussed include:

  •  well systems and appurtenances
  • disinfection
  • bacteriological sampling
  • specialized treatment
  • storage
  • pipes and services
  • valves, hydrants, meters and pumps
  • basic hydraulics
  • cross connection control

These topics will be covered in depth, and there will be feedback and question-and-answer periods to enhance the learning and help fulfill personal needs of the class participants as it pertains to the subject. Come and join the discussion to enhance your groundwater knowledge.

Certified drinking water operators can attend this certification school strictly for continuing education hours by registering using E-Search. If you have any questions, call 800-926-8111.

Course Date: Sept. 23-25, 2014
Course Number: DW 12488
Training Hours: 18
Location: DEP Training Center

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