Ultrasonic Flow Measurements

There are several different flow measurement methods that can be used in the water industry. One is Ultrasonic Flow Measurement. There are two main types of Ultrasonic flow meters: Doppler and transit time. While they both utilize ultrasound to make measurements and can be noninvasive (measure flow from outside the tube, pipe or vessel), they measure flow by very different methods.

This following video will cover the basics on how the flow rate in piping is figured and ultrasonic installation. There are a variety of companies that sell and install sonic meters.


UntitledWith the advancements in today’s technology, we need to use them to save as much money as possible. Flexible mounting, process safety and cost effectiveness are the advantages to ultrasonic flow measurement.

Always remember to research and test any new equipment you might want to install. It’s important to make certain it will work in the application you intend to use it. Nonetheless, never be afraid to try new things.

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