Larry Taylor has been appointed Director of the Division of Compliance Assistance

The Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) is pleased to announce the appointment of one of our veteran staff into a key leadership position.

Effective October 16, 2014, Larry Taylor taylor-hypoxia-photohas been appointed Director of the Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA).  Larry replaces Julia Kays the former DCA director who retired at the end of August after spending her entire career with the Department for Environmental Protection.

Mr. Taylor has 20 years of experience in the Department for Environmental Protection. Mr. Taylor began working for the department in 1994 and spent the first 9 years in the Division of Environmental Services where he played a vital role reviewing human and ecological risk assessments and advising departmental staff on corrective action that is protective of human health and the environment. 

Mr. Taylor was one of the senior staff members in the Risk Assessment Branch within the division and was instrumental in the highest profile projects. In various capacities, he was involved in many aspects of the division’s technical reviews, assisting with policy development, training and leading junior staff, regulatory development, providing technical assistance to facilities undergoing corrective action, developing and implementing branch procedures, and a valuable resource for department staff.

Mr. Taylor was hired as the lead Environmental Scientist in the Department’s Commissioner’s Office in 2003 and served in the role as science and policy advisor to the Commissioner.  As the primary science and technical advisor in the department, he provided leadership on numerous high profile, multimedia, or cross-program projects during his tenure. He has also served as the department’s legislative liaison for ten years assisting the department with developing and reviewing legislation, testifying before legislative committees, and meeting with legislators.

He has led the department’s Quality Assurance team and has planned and provided biannual training on quality assurance. Mr. Taylor has held other leadership roles as the state’s Toxic Release Inventory coordinator, and environmental justice coordinator. He has led the department’s efforts on strategic planning, regulation development, oversight of interagency projects that include work with the Louisville health department, the Department of Public Health, Department of Revenue, and Department of Local Government. He has represented the state on a national task force dealing with nutrient issues and water quality issues in the Gulf of Mexico and as liaison to the Bluegrass Area Development District. He has been instrumental in program development, evaluation and improvement and often provides outreach to the public and regulated entities.

The Department is fortunate to be able to appoint Larry who has a solid understanding of the agency’s programs and has demonstrated his ability to lead the complex work of the agency.  Larry joins a strong existing team of Department Directors that includes Peter Goodmann, Director of the Division of Water (DOW), Sean Alteri, Director of the Division for Air Quality (DAQ), Tony Hatton, Director of the Division of Waste Management (DWM), Jeff Cummins, Director of the Division of Enforcement (DENF), and Jason Whisman, Director of the Division of Environmental Program Support (DEPS).


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