The Tap Water Push

One of an operators’ biggest obstacles is informing the public. The link below is to a speech by Heather Himmelberger, director of the Southwest Environmental Finance Center, who recently delivered an effective talk on the value of drinking water at TEDxABQ. It gives some good points as to why we must make a better attempt to inform the public about the water industry. The video, obtained from Small Water, is a good resource for the operators and citizens of Kentucky.

Also, links to other videos posted from TEDx, both water-related and nonwater-related, that can be very informative are located on the website Small Water

The issues the speaker mentions on infrastructure are very real, and Kentucky operators face them every day. If we wait too long and do nothing, there will be no infrastructure to fix; we will lose the foundation we have built and have to start all over, which will be costly.

The more we inform the public of what is needed, the easier it will be to fix problems in the industry. Remember, this process cannot be done overnight, but the improvements can be made over time.

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