Dry Cleaning is not Just for Clothes Anymore

UntitledTalk about an ironic day, this has been one. A coworker was talking about stopping at the dry cleaners this morning on the way to work in order to have a dress shirt for today. Then no less than an hour later I am reading an article about Moline, IL dry cleaning their distribution pipes. When I think dry cleaning, it is definitely clothes that are on my mind. It took me a couple of minutes to visualize and process the thought of a dry cleaning method for cleaning distribution pipes. It was an unconventional idea for sure. Even though I happen to be an advocate of new technologies that benefit the industry, are environmentally safe and save our resources; I was thinking, “I gotta see this.” Moline, IL performed the pilot demonstration of an air driven abrasives cleaning technology. The utility was exploring ways to do more with less as most utilities are in this time of limited funding and slimming budgets. Heavily turberculated 6-inch cast iron pipe was cleaned using this method. The line was then lined using trenchless technologies. Advances in technology are giving the industry more alternatives for operations as well as rehabilitation options. Exploring these new types of new methods can really lead to facilities being pioneers and trendsetters in the industry. Kentucky needs more innovative industry leaders and pioneers. If any readers have major or interesting projects going on in your system please let us know. George.haynesii@ky.gov

To see a more detailed account of the Moline, IL project please follow the link below.   http://www.mswmag.com/editorial/2014/10/new_technology_solves_water_utility_problems


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