Using Water and Wastewater Apps on the Job

10 Apps for Water and Wastewater Professionals
With a multitude of new technologies and tools coming to the market each year, it can be hard for water industry professionals to decide what they need.

But there is one tool that every wastewater and water treatment operator, engineer and facility manager should have — and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.  Smart phones, when programmed with the right apps, can serve important functions at wastewater and water treatment facilities. These 10 apps make it easier to do everything from calculating chemical dosages to installing the right size sewage pipes.

Wastewater Inflow Calculator
Heavy rain or storm events can sometimes catch a wastewater facility off guard, leading to sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and combined sewer overflows (CSOs). This inflow calculator app makes it easy for operators to estimate just how much the expected rainfall will impact their facility. Simply enter the drainage area in square feet and the rainfall amount in inches, and the app estimates the inflow into the sewer from rainfall in gallons. The app also includes a companion exceedance calculator, which uses the facility design flow in gallons per day (GDP), facility average dry weather flow in GDP and sum of all estimated added inflow (determined in the inflow calculator)  to estimate the flow exceeding design flow in GDP.

Water and Waste Management Engineer
This one-stop app for engineers contains over 200 specialized formulas and 600 conversion formulas commonly used by water and wastewater management professionals. The formulas can be used for facility operations, sewer pipeline, sewage treatment, sludge, storm water runoff, water flow and more.

Dosage Calculations for Water Treatment
The ability to determine the correct chemical dosages is essential for a water treatment specialist. This app assists with all the basic calculations needed to make necessary changes in treatment including dosage using dry chemicals, liquid chemicals and chlorine gas. It also includes a specific gravity calculator and solution strength mix calculator to further assist water operators.

Wastewater Reclamation Plant
This basic app is designed to calculate and record mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS), return-activated sludge (RAS) and waste-activated sludge (WAS) for water reclamation/wastewater treatment facilities. The app allows users to simply shake the device to clear.

 Sewer Design Calculator
This app is designed for those involved in building or maintaining sewer infrastructure. The app uses “The Manning Equation” to calculate the necessary pipe diameter and slope for a given project. Users input the desired flow, length, initial ground elevation and final ground elevation, and the app uses this data to calculate the slope, diameter, depth and tractive force needed. Users have the option of working in U.S. units or SI units.

A group of seasoned water treatment professionals with over 20 years of experience got together to create this app, designed for water plant operators. The app features a variety of formulas, convertors and look-up tables that make the day-day job of operating a water treatment plant simpler. Calculators include volume conversion, flow conversion, pressure conversion, tank capacity estimator, tank media calculator, liquid feed rate, solid chemical dosing and more. An email feature is available to share data with colleagues or save for later use.

 Water Calcs
Designed for water treatment service engineers, this app calculates softener sizing, reverse osmosis performance and normalization and has a silt density (fouling) index. It is currently set up for UK units, but the app will soon be developed to include additional calculations, conversions and unit systems.

 Tank Level Monitor
Keep track of critical tank levels with this app. Simply input starting levels and feed rate, and the app will calculate the current tank level every 60 seconds. The app is designed to monitor a variety of chemicals, including peroxide, caustic soda, fluoride, hypochlorite, sulfuric acid and ethylene, and will display both starting level and current level for each substance. A low-level alert will appear when any tank is at or below low-level set point and allow users to update the levels when a tank is filled. The app can be used to monitor multiple tanks. Each tank’s level can be emailed to anyone directly from the app. This is designed for large and small water and wastewater treatment plants.

SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter
This app turns smart devices into pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), conductivity/ total dissolved solids (TDS) and temperature-measuring meters that not only measure, but also communicate collected data via instant and error-free email. Users can simply plug the SAM-1 into the audio jack of their smart phone or tablet and then plug in the smart sensor to take accurate readings. Samples can be measured in the lab, field or plant, and the readings can be shared via email.

 Process Water Products
Not sure what product will do the job? This app makes it easy to find the product that matches each individual application need, including pure water analysis, power plant water analysis, drinking water analysis, wastewater analysis, pulp and paper manufacturing and general processing.

These are just a sampling of accessible apps for water and wastewater industry professionals. Do your research and explore the many options available to make your job as uncomplicated as possible.

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