Safety First – No Matter What

It saddens me when I see an article about an operator who died in the line of duty. Often these incidents could have been avoided. Accidents do happen, and some of them are just that–an accident. Faulty equipment, missing or damaged grates, tanks that are falling apart, etc., are not accidents. These are avoidable instances that, if addressed, can be the difference between life and death.

We should all be aware of potential dangers at facilities and not allow unsafe conditions to persist. A few minutes or a few dollars cannot replace the life of an operator. These accidents are life-changing events for the individual, their families and their coworkers, as well as owners and other officials involved in the company or municipality. The following story is about an accident and could happen to others if operators are not careful.

News Briefs: Florida Operator Dies in Plant Accident

Let this be a reminder to perform routine safety checks, repairs of faulty equipment and elimination of the risks for accidents. Also, if operators work alone, it’s good to have a check-in or buddy system in place at least at mid-shift.

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