The Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance’s 2015 Annual Report

The Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) is pleased to announce the release of the Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report. DCA provides services that increase environmental knowledge and change behaviors. DCA improves regulatory compliance, achieves exceptional performance and enhances the quality of Kentucky’s environment and communities by

  • Certifying qualified environmental professionals,
  • Helping entities comply with Kentucky’s environmental requirements and
  • Facilitating environmental stewardship.

Under the Certifying Professionals section of the report, we discuss the progress of many aspects of the Operator Certification Program. The report includes statistics on the application process and number of applications received and approved, information on the various boards we administratively support, statistics about certifications and renewals, information about our trainings, how Operation Matters has progressed since its debut and a page dedicated to the awardee of the Steve Crosman Award for Outstanding Environmental Professionalism.

The report also contains our dashboard, which is a culmination of graphs that help to illustrate the progress of our Operator Certification Program (OCP).

The 2015 Division of Compliance Assistance Annual Report and all previous annual reports can be found at


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