Standards of Professional Conduct and Repercussions from Poor Decision Making

By Kentucky administrative regulation, operators are held to a certain level of professional standards and for good reason. Operators are in charge of protecting and safeguarding the life, health and welfare of the public and environment. Without these standards, humans, vegetation, aquatic wildlife and others are at risk of sickness, disease and possibly death.

The articles linked below discuss poor decision making by operators and administrators of water systems and the repercussions from those decisions. In both cases, the public was put at risk by known contamination, and the facts were concealed from the public and regulators. In one case, the offender was sentenced to three years in jail for falsification of records, and in the other case, the offender received two years’ probation for the same offense.

Top Water Official May Land in Jail for Contamination Cover-Up

‘Evil Genius’ Hides Use of Contaminated Well for Over 20 Years

We should know right from wrong and have the integrity  to do the “right” thing when the time comes. But how would you respond if you were threatened to be fired if you didn’t go along? Have you ever been told “just do it and don’t say anything”? Did those actions put your customers at risk? If and when an unethical situation occurs, would you have the fortitude to stand up for what is right? As a certified operator, you are the frontline defense, and it’s your obligation to protect the public and environment.

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