Can You Dig It?

In Kentucky, multiple soil types, terrains, elevations and climates make digging a challenge. The rocky arepicsas of the state are particularly difficult, as well as costly. Sometimes having the right tool can make the difference between a project going well and a project being delayed. Productivity is a key element when discussing how projects will be approached, conducted and completed. There is a lot to be said about being able to pre-clean a path in all soil conditions and improving installation efficiency.

Drilling technology ipic-4s advancing, and new attachments are available to help produce more true-to-size cuts according to the soil types. Whether it is in sandy and soft soils or rocky and hard soils, precise cuts save time, effort and money. Boring paths in unstable soil conditions can often collapse or fill with material in the ground. Material left in a bore can damage the product, especially in restricted spaces. These new designs are allowing for improved productivity in installation under challenging conditions and circumstances. This blopic-2g is for informational purposes and endorsing technology, since the Division of Compliance Assistance does not endorse or recommend companies.

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