Continuing Education Opportunity – Wastewater Biology & Microscopes

The Division of Compliance Assistance is hosting a unique wastewater continuing education class in Lexington at BCTC-Newtown Campus, located at 1001 Manchester Street. The class will cover aspects of the required biology needed to properly treat wastewater in an activated sludge plant and hands-on training in the use of a microscope.

The first day will present examples of each type of protozoan and metazoan life you may encounter in your system. On Day 2, operators will have the chance to bring samples of the MLSS and RAS from their plants.  Participants will be taught how to prepare slides from the samples and use a microscope to examine their materials. All slides and cover glasses, as well as pipets, will be provided to the operators during the class.

The class will be limited to only 24 participants, allowing each operator to have ample time on a microscope to examine the samples. Certified wastewater operators may attend this event for continuing education hours by registering through E-Search. If you have any questions, please call 502-564-0323.

Course Date: July 6-7, 2017
Course Number: WW 16956
Training Hours: 12

Cost: $60
Location: BCTC-Newtown Campus, Lexington, Ky.


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