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Can You Dig It?

In Kentucky, one thing that you will face when digging is differences. The multiple soil types, terrains, elevations and climates make it a challenge. The rocky areas of the state are particularly challenging as well as costly. Sometimes having the … Continue reading

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Using Water and Wastewater Apps on the Job

10 Apps for Water and Wastewater Professionals With a multitude of new technologies and tools coming to the market each year, it can be hard for water industry professionals to decide what they need. But there is one tool that … Continue reading

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There’s an App for That! – Apps for Water and Wastewater Professionals

Anyone who has ever attended one of my classes knows how much I like technology. I admit, I may depend on my iPhone a little too much sometimes, but if these tools are in our workplace, we might as well … Continue reading

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Synthetic Biology

The idea has been around for many years, and it looks like technology is finally catching up to what we really want, one bug to remove it all. The following article introduces BactoBots and how it’s used to treat wastewater. … Continue reading

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Green Technology Helps Sustainability

In a cash-strapped society, we all have to go through changes and make sacrifices in order to survive the ever-changing financial demands. Industries, businesses and municipalities are no exception to this rule. As many wastewater treatment plants look for ideas … Continue reading

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Continuing Education Opportunity- Alternative Disinfection and Technologies

The Operator Certification Program will be conducting the Alternative Disinfection and Technologies continuing education class on March 26-27, at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park.  The topics covered in class, which are applicable to wastewater and drinking water operators, include … Continue reading

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Chemical-Free Wastewater Disinfection System

Wastewater treatment facilities in Kentucky are facing the same problem as many other wastewater treatment facilities throughout the country – rising costs for treatment and energy usage. Along with these common issues, there are growing concerns with the environmental impact … Continue reading

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New Technology Monitors Sewage During the Storms

Technology and its applications never cease to amaze me. In a time when natural disasters seem to be increasing, so are issues with water treatment. In an attempt to help track possible contamination during such events, satellites are now tracking … Continue reading

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Wastewater Technology Revolution

New techniques and alternative treatment schemes for wastewater technologies have recently become very popular. In fact, there has been a 30 percent increase in the amount of research being done on new technology in recent years. So what can we … Continue reading

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Managing Sewer Systems with Technology

In Kentucky, we have many sewer systems that could be classified as outdated. This is due to the lack of maintenance that has occurred over the past 30 years and because of sewer systems that are not equipped to differentiate … Continue reading

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